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Hi Elizabeth –

Great call.

Will work to make your deadline of tomorrow, COB!

Good to see everyone.






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Dear All,


Thanks everyone that was able to join the debrief. For those that were not able to join, apologies that the timing did not work for you. The agenda touched on reflections from PP’18, our PP’18 report and next steps. Highlights are below. Please note the actions items. 


PP’18 Report:
We discussed PP’18 report with respect to our approach and audience. Question was raised on how candid we should be in the report.
The report is intended for our community and will also be available on the ISOC website. It should strike a balance between factual information and critical analysis. We should provide constructive criticism on the outcomes but at the same time keep in perspective the audience and what is important for them to know. 
The angle for the report should reflect our objectives for the PP’18 -- Internet policy development that is done in open, inclusive multistakeholder processes. 
Points stressed to reflect in the report
Governments supportive of the MS process at PP’18 as they have been engaged in MS processes at the national level
Level of Civil Society engagement was commendable and instrumental in the access, cybersecurity and privacy issues
Lessons learned on CNs: regional differences in understanding of CNs; more community outreach is needed 
Albeit the OTT’s resolution was watered down, it was one of the more difficult issues but consensus was achieved. A significant achievement and illustrates what is possible through compromise – a strength of the ITU. 

Action Items: 
Input to the box note of the draft report on respective issue areas is requested by COB Friday, December 8th.  Bulleted format is fine and reflect any key points that should be reflected in the report. 
Elizabeth to reflect the input into a draft report format available for team 

Next Steps:
Strategic engagement with the ITU on our strategic issues. Not chasing the ITU but have a clear strategic roadmap of what we want to achieve; (Note: Following PP’14 Pubpol developed an Engagement Strategy for the ITU that has guided our engaged past 4 years. A similar exercise will occur) 
There was an energized I* collaboration at PP’18 that was good. This collaboration should be sustained. There is a PP’18 Whatsapp group that I* and friends found helpful. Many have agreed to keep the channel running and continue to share information;
Work with ISOC partners and continue to amplify our messages particularly on CNs;
More outreach with ISOC Community in the Africa region in order to prepare them for such conferences. More awareness of issues important to us.




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