[IGFSA] Preparing the IGFSA General Assembly

Markus Kummer kummer at igfsa.org
Mon Nov 5 06:57:03 PST 2018

Dear IGFSA Members,

I refer to the various emails I have sent out in the above matter.

First of all, I would like to remind you that we plan to introduce a change of our by-laws, limiting voting rights to Members who have paid their annual membership dues. Please find below the proposed change in the wording of Article 5 of our bylaws (the proposed changes are in bold type):

Quote: Article 5   Membership
Any physical or legal entity may apply for membership if, through their commitment or actions, they have proved their attachment to the aims of the Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Member” or “the Membership”).
Initial Members will be accepted at the first General Assembly of the Association. Thereafter, new Members are admitted upon payment of their membership dues. The Executive Committee informs the General Assembly annually regarding the admission of new members. Any Member who has remained current on the Association's annual membership dues is considered a Member in good standing.  Voting rights are limited to Members in good standing.
Membership ceases:

  1.  on death;
  2.  by written resignation notified to the Executive Committee in writing or by electronic means;
  3.  by exclusion ordered by the Executive Committee, for just cause, with a right of appeal to the General Assembly. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the Executive Committee’s decision being notified;
In all cases the Membership fee for the current year remains due. Members who have resigned or who are excluded have no rights to any part of the Association’s assets or activities.Unquote
We have 190 registered Members. As of today, 52 Members have paid their membership dues. I would like to take this opportunity to remind those of your who have not yet done so to proceed to paying your membership dues, preferably online. You will also have to opportunity to pay cash ahead of the meeting.
Lastly,  I would like to remind you that we have invited interested members to indicate their intention to stand as a candidate for election to the Executive Committee. If you are interested, it would be helpful to have a Statement of Interest in advance of the General Assembly. With your consent, we would like to post the SOI on our website in order to facilitate an informed decision by the General Assembly. You will also have the opportunity to announce your candidacy at the General Assembly itself.
Best regards

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