[dnssec-coord] Net loss of signed TLDs in 2018

Edward Lewis edward.lewis at icann.org
Wed Jan 2 17:36:39 PST 2019

These IDN’s added DNSKEY records last year: BB,ET,VG,IDN(GR),IDN(BG)

These IDN’s removed DNSKEY records last year: SY,IDN(SY)

Net gain of 3

These IDN’s added DS records last year: VC,IDN(GR),IDN(BG)

These IDN’s removed DS records last year: SY,IDN(SY)

Net gain of 1




The class-of-2012 gTLDs had a net loss of 7 (signed, DS’d) TLDs.  That is seven zones that were also removed from the root zone.

Despite the net loss in DNSKEY’d and DS’d zones, the percentage of DNSKEY’d zones went up from 91.11% to 91.27%.  (Because the denominator also shrunk.)  This percentage includes (and is heavily influenced) by the contractual obligation to have DNSSEC in the class-of-2012 (“new”) gTLD zones.

What’s concerning is that the percentage of the TLDs excluding the class-of-2012 (that is, ccTLDs plus the “legacy” zones) had been climbing by 5% a year.  On Jan 1, 2015, it was 44%, then a year later 48% (1/1/16), then 53%, then 58% and now sitting at 59%.  I’ve been using this percentage as a more “organic” measure of DNSSEC progress.

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