[dnssec-coord] Invitation: DNSSEC Implementors' Reception TONIGHT

James Galvin jgalvin at afilias.info
Tue Oct 31 01:07:26 PDT 2017

I am sorry for this late invitation but the logistics have been somewhat 

Afilias would like to invite all DNSSEC Implementor’s to join us at a 
private event Afilias is supporting.

The event is open to all DNSSEC Implementors.  I ask only that if you 
are interested please reach out to me any way that you can (email, SMS, 
in person, or whatever) and I will reply with the logistics.  Upon 
receiving my reply you may also share the logistics with other 
implementors directly but I will ask that you not publish them broadly 
in any way.

The event will be open until midnight tonight.  You may drop by any time 
so no worries about conflicts with other plans you may have.  This is 
just a social event so come and go as you wish.

This event is not dry and will have snacks but is not a substitute for a 
meal.  :-)

ENJOY!  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tonight!


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