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>Are your times from the registry database?
No, this is stuff I do from my house, something I've done independently of working at ICANN (that is, since before I worked at ICANN).  Hourly I pull a zone transfer from one of ICANN's two XFR servers, at (I think) 5 minutes after the hour.

>I poll the root zone (f.root-servers.net's copy) hourly at 33 minutes past
>(which is what drives the diffroot twitter bot that Daniel Stirnimann
>linked to) and my script saw the .hk DNSKEY arrive at 2016-12-07 06:33.

I'm all for making sure experiments like this "jive."  I used to correlate with work done by someone else years ago.  Perhaps there's some delay from when the ICANN server gets the file and F-Root has it on the instance you see.  If the update (to the root zone file) happened close to 0500 UTC and it hit that server at 0534, that would explain the difference - just shooting in the wind (not meaning to point any fingers).  IOW, might be something to measure if one is curious.

ICANN has the two sources for the root zone file available for XFR.  (I learned this from something Joe Abley posted long ago.)  The machines are xfr.lax.dns.icann.org and xfr.cjr.dns.icann.org.  I'm not saying those are better sources, but they probably get the file faster than an anycast cloud can distribute it, especially of the operator performs sanity checks and what not.

I checked the IANA web page for HK, it has an updated date of Dec 7, but the time is not listed.  So there's no "official timestamp" there to go by.

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