[dnssec-coord] (Statistical) milestone reached

Edward Lewis edward.lewis at icann.org
Wed Dec 7 20:24:21 PST 2016

Today, at UTC 0500, the percentage of TLDs not part of the class-of-2012 (*) with a DS record crossed 50%.  At that time (0500):


There were 1525 TLDs, 1208 of them from the class-of-2012 and 317 others (ccTLDs, IDN ccTLDs, classes of 2000 and 2003, and all others).


There were 1376 TLDs with DNSKEYs at the apex, all 1208 of the class-of-2012 and 168 of the others.  (168/317 is 52%)


There were 1367 DS sets in the root zone, 1208 for the class-of-2012 and 159 for the others. (159/317 is a smidge over 50%)


I say "were" because one more ccTLD added DNSKEYs for the first time at UTC 2300, so now it's 169 of the others with DNSKEYs.


It just so happened I was talking with Rick today before knowing this, saying I'd been waiting for the 50% milestone in DS (because I missed the DNSKEY crossing 50%) of the non-class-of-2012 TLDs.  


(*) The class-of-2012 are the recent TLDs resulting from applications submitted in 2012.  The first four were delegated in October 2013 and there are still a few more in the pipeline.  All TLDs in that group are mandated to be signed.


(If my numbers are off by one, it's because my counts also include the root zone, which I tried to subtract here and may have failed to do so correctly. ;) )

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