[dnssec-coord] Large enterprises who have signed their domain with DNSSEC? (other than Comcast and PayPal)

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Hi Dan,
We are working with a few large enterprises who are still experimenting with DNSSEC in lab environments, but I will touch base to see if any have gone into production and if they'd be ok having their company name listed in such a resource.

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DNSSEC-coord members,

Are you aware of any large enterprises (or "enterprises" in general) that have signed their domain(s) with DNSSEC?

As we start work on the next "What Is DNSSEC?" document targeted at enterprises, it would be useful to have a list of enterprises with signed domains that we could reference in accompanying blog posts and materials.

Obviously I'm aware of Comcast's signing of their domains and also aware of Paypal's signing of their domain, but I'm wondering about other corporations and large entities.  Ideally I'm looking for names that would be publicly recognizable or would be large names within their industry (which we could then explain a bit (ex. "XXXXX, the largest YYYYY in Sweden")).


P.S. And yes, of course the orgs like ISOC, IETF, ICANN, etc., are all signed, but I'm looking for more general businesses rather than entities involved directly in Internet infrastructure.

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