[dnssec-coord] Thoughts on when to designate a newgTLD as "Operational" in DNSSEC deployment maps?

Dan York york at isoc.org
Sat Apr 19 02:18:48 PDT 2014


On Apr 17, 2014, at 6:26 PM, "Olafur Gudmundsson" <ogud at shinkuro.com<mailto:ogud at shinkuro.com>> wrote:

I got the 3 zone files 2 had DS records one did not.
Both the domains with DS records seem to be open for registrations as there is no obvious pattern in those delegations,


this is for .guru and .photography both operated by Donuts  based on this I guess some/all the TLDs operated by Donuts are Operational

Good to know... and that is probably true for the Donuts' domains that have hit General Availability.  The challenge now is knowing when they hit GA. One way is to monitor:


On a related note, I can personally attest to the fact that ".blue" is Operational because just for fun I registered a domain in that TLD and then signed it. The DS record did propagate up to the .blue registry and Verisign's DNSSEC debugger tool now nicely shows me as all greens.  So it works. Given that .blue is from Afilias, I would suspect that their other "color" newgTLDs that are live are also Operational.

I am not going to go around registering lots of domains to test this, though. We still do need some kind of more automated way to find this out.

Thanks for the update,
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